Blogging 201:The Dog Ate My Homework…Again

The Blogging 201 assignment(s) from a few days ago asked to promote your blog on a social media platform of your choosing and then create a regular occurring event.

Well. About that….

So, like, I’ve been busy…I had to walk the dog…a friend came in town, car got a flat…I lost my car… my bike got stolen… my WiFi crapped out… I forgot to pay my cable bill… my computer ran out of steam… my phone cord broke… I cut my finger trying to dial on a dial phone….


classroomOf course, you know it is.

We are all responsible for our own actions and therefore if I really wanted to make time to complete the tasks issued daily, I would have found the time.

That’s the reason I joined this Blogging 201 (to force me to write regularly). Truthfully I think I’m close. I am checking this thing a LOT more than I ever did before.

However…or ‘but’, I need to gear down a little and fit it into my schedule.

I would like to announce the creation of the “Monday Niter”. Each Monday night, I will fill readers in on the latest happenings within my little world. It could involve travel, sports, work, family or whatever. The stories will be true but names will change to protect the innocent! And always with a little bit of humour thrown in for good measure.
(Assignment Complete).

I also have an existing Twitter Account that I will be linking to my blog to assist in promoting my little diatribe. (Assignment Complete).

As for Guest Blogging, I don’t get it. Is it about cross promotion? My general theme and topics are personal. Now if I wrote about a sport or business exclusively, then a guest blogger could lend credibility to what ever I wrote and vice versa. In that I case, I get it.
(Assignment Incomplete).

There. Now I’m caught up.

Until next time…wait there’s more tomorrow!?!?

Oh man.

Blogging 201: Give’em What They Want!

If I had to give everyone what they wanted, aside from cash, it would be an experience.  Travel, people, I am talking about travelling.

Of course, I am talking about the most popular experience, travel wise, is France.  Paris, France.  Specifically, the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower on August 4, 2009

This spectacular edifice to engineering and art in the midst of the ‘City of Lights’ lives up to hype.  There aren’t many tourist sites that do that anymore.  An amazing 360 degree view of the ‘Isl-de-France’ and every major historical site around Paris.

You want to experience Paris, if you don’t already know it.  New York maybe the city that never sleeps, but Paris has moods.  The morning is slow and methodical.  The afternoon is bright and moving.  The evenings are alive and the lights come on at night…for obvious reasons.

Give’em what they want?

The Paris experience is what you want, baby!

Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

Well, after skimming over several other accomplished blogs, I feel my blog is good.

The colour scheme works.  The photo is nice…OK is awesome it’s from our trip to Guadeloupe (a department of France located north of Dominica and south of Antigua and Barbuda).  Font is easy to read.  Theme and tone follow what I would consider the craziness of our life, living and laughing.

But that’s just me.



Edmonton: Big Town, Small City!


The strangest thing I would point out (for a little while at least) we have no buildings greater than 42 floors and that’s a brand new building (not even pictured above!).  Why?  We used to have a bustling little airport in the north end of the city.  Thanks to the prevailing wind coming from the northwest landings would come in from the south.

Small planes?  No problem.  Boeing 737?  …little bit.  Federal regulations ensured a flight path that kept the height of buildings below a certain level for safety.  Our city has been kept ‘small’ until now.  That 42 floor condo tower is the first to break through the 40 floor barrier and since then a 62 floor and 70+ floor project was just announced.

Maybe we are growing up.   MAYBE.

You can be the judge.


Or should it be waiting?  Just like ‘antcipating’ except that the latter usually also has excitement built in.  Waiting is full of impatience, maybe ‘dread’ or ‘regret’.  Anticipation is like a fully wound spring waiting to let loose; or a dog when the key is in the door.  It is typically a positive word.  I guess there are exceptions such as “I am anticipating my court date in a week…”. 

Not that I would know of such things.


I am waiting for my son after high school football practice.  I anticipate he will be here soon.  See what I did there?  I am a ‘cheeky monkey’!

Night Time Photo Challenge

This was taken in August of 2008 (?) with a Kodak Z1200 in panorama (as if you didn’t know). The image was difficult to do since I had to brace the camera on top of the railing with the Cathedral behind me at the top of Montmartre.

Back in the Saddle (again!)

The idea of a blog, in my mind, is to write about stuff that interests me and possibly others out across the ‘interweb’.  It has been much too long since my last post.  It was a stab at creative writing that was not as good as I thought it was at the time.

 Îlet du Gosier, off Le Gosier, GuadaloupeSo I come back after a hiatus that included a trip to Guadeloupe (a department of France if you didn’t already know), a high school graduation, and two new (to us) vehicle purchases.

I will endeavour to continue to write, if nothing else, for the purpose of writing.  I will look for more blogs to follow and continue to follow those that I originally followed.  It’s interesting to read blogs that I can relate to, want to relate to, even those I could never relate to.  Who am I to judge, they’re still writing and I’m just getting back from holiday(!).

Thanks to Whirlwind Travel and Bucket List Publications which I still follow (wow, how to live vicariously through a blog!) for unwittingly inspiring me.

I welcome critiques, comments, corrections.

Here we go.  Let’s light’em up!

No Pictures Please – I’m Just Running

So the week went well with a couple of decent runs.  I had designed a long run of 16 kilometers through the North Saskatchewan River Valley.  It’s not the Rockies or even the foothills, but it’s a challenge none the less.  I’m still not sure I’m ready for a half marathon but this run tells me I have the wind but the legs may be lacking the hills.  Need more hills. I hate hills.  Anyway.  I look at this as a ‘good’ run, not great.  Time was OK with the amount of times I walked due to discomfort in my calf.



Starting in a north direction, for just over 2km, then west for 500m or so.  Now it gets interesting.  A hard right takes you above the Riverside Golf Course as you descend on a paved bike and walking path finally past the 14th hole.  Rolling up and down with a final steep descent to run next to the river until the Capilano Bridge.  Did I mention it there was a Heavy Snowfall Warning which has since turned to “a few centimeters”?  Winds of 25km/h with gusts to 40?  Well there were both, of course.  By the time I crossed the bridge on the sidewalk but against the direction of traffic, the weather became a factor. Once across the bridge open to the elements, down a quick set of stairs and back on the trail.  Now I’m across the river and skirting the back few holes of the Highlands Golf Club.  Up a 100+ step set of stairs gets you to a switch back that either takes you up to the residential area or down to the river valley.  We go down.  I nice down hill after the stairs and a flat for 3km or so to the Dawson Bridge.  Back across the river to return home now. Up a hill that encourages automatic transmissions to shift down at least once for 5 or 600m, up and across the road on a walking bridge through Forest Heights Park.  McNally High School at the North end, I run to the end of the path along the top of the riverbank to the newly constructed Newman Theological College (…and at this point, I can use all the help I can get!).  Now it’s flat as I run around the neighbourhood to finish out the mileage.  One problem, my calf is giving me problems, enough to walk and try and stretch, and the weather is getting worse.  While running past the high school, I realized I couldn’t see across the river the snow was so thick and the wind was howling.  I got to 90th ave and bailed when I returned to 79th street.  Went all the way back to 98th ave then turned around to complete the planned finish.  Instead of 10 miles it ended up being 9.6 according to “WalkJogRun” website that I use.  It’s good for tracking what ever info YOU supply.  I like the mapping too.

It was a good lesson: I was not hydrated enough.  Oh sure there was plenty all around me but not enough in me.  I am keeping it elevated and drinking lots…of water.  Massaging every now and then.  It’s getting better.  Back to the regular run on Tuesday when all should be good.  It’s also a good thing I wore my “traks” for traction as the trail had various topography available.

My wife was looking at me sideways when I got up to run – “are you nuts?”.  Yes, I guess I am.

After all, I’m just running.

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