2012-13 TNH Free Agency

Once again I have been passed up by not only the NHL but now the TNH.  And for that matter, the Bantam draft, the WHL draft..everyone.  But I was able to confirm my participation in the Thursday Night Hockey, once again.  This year there are some rule changes.  Specifically: No Slapshots.  Just when I thought I had one.  Hot dog!  Oh well, wrist-shots rule!

I guess we’re just getting  a little long in the tooth, except “Doc” of course, our resident non-resident who never grows old despite being 60 (?)!  Time to relax and enjoy the game that defines this nation, like it or not. 

I imagine it will be sometime in October when the cash call will come and the ice will be ready.  Then, once more into the breach they call “The Arena”


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