The Lips, The Teeth, The Tip of The Tongue.

Being an orthodontist must be exhausting.  No matter how we evolve, workout, or eat right, our teeth are destined to be what they will be.  Straight, crooked, short or long, since we left the original waiting room, they are set.  Hair can change colour or thickness.  That’s not to say manipu lation is out of the question for either hair or teeth.  Let’s face it, though, hair is easier.  Enter the Ortho.  Their work moves at a galacial pace.  When I had braces it took two years…now they target growth spurts in the patient and it is done in half the time.  If your parents could not afford it or ‘you teeth are fine, dear’: You can now get your teeth straightened even at this late date.

Invisaline and reverse braces are now the rage with those looking to straighten their pearly whites and get the girl or boy or job or just avoid having that green thing stuck in thier teeth at supper.

Carry on Orthodontists of the world!  And congratulations to my son for getting his braces off!


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