Sunday Night At Bingo


The hall before the madness. Before the dreams and hopes of dabber owners are dashed. Before the K of C Sabres Hockey program gives me a credit towards this year’s fees. -What would the world be without an escape from the hum drum life of wake-work-sleep-repeat?

On this night we paid out over $6000 in prizing over 2 sessions.  Individual payouts ranged from $20 a game up to $110 a game…never mind if you had a double or a triple card!  Then there’s “balls”.  Everyone loves “Ball”.  Greasy Balls, Hot Balls, Whiskey Balls…they’re big.  The payout at least: $100 to $1000.

You can do well at Bingo but let’s face it, it’s a gambling game of chance.  There is little skill involved especially with the electronic “Digi 2” machine where you simply press a button and your cards are maked automatically.

And they show up every night.


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