Oh Canada

Was a Golf Medal really in the cards for Canada?

Not since 1936 or so has Canada won a team sport medal at the Modern Olympics. Really? 1936? The Canadian women played above their FIFA world ranking of 7th as they pushed the world reigning #1 and defending Olympic champion USA to the brink of elimination in a 4-3 loss in Olympic Semi Final action Monday night…

From my point of view, the comfort of my basement with my boys watching along side, the  Norwegian referee cost Canada the match in regular time. The Canadian women scored more goals (3) than the US had allowed the entire tournament (2).

Inconsistant would be the word to describe the effort by the referee.  Bad and bizarre calling both ways. The worst was the “delay of game” call on MacLeod with 10 minutes left and Canada ahead 3-2.  Then the “hand ball” call on the ensuing penalty kick and the rest became history.  None the less, the Canadians made the American women sweat it out for another 30 minutes of playing time.

The outcome may have played out as destined but what a game.  Three goals by Captain Christine Sinclair and a monterous game by forward Tancreti made it exciting.

Congratulations USA Women’s Soccer – you will live to fight for another Gold Medal and you earned it.  A great match to watch with lots of excitement and a 4-3 final.  As for the Referee from Norway, I hope you watch the game on tape and watch the debacle unfold as we did.

The Olympics sure are fun!


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