A New Hope

Colin D, Ryan M, Rylie M, Kyle O, and Nick R warm up for their first skate away from Knights of Columbus.

With the NHL lockout now on, most parents are focused on their own off spring getting on the ice.  In fact, most parents don’t care about pro hockey players or their bosses.

This is where hope springs eternal.  They, our kids, don’t have the luxury of ‘wait til next year’ or ‘we’ll be happy to make the playoffs’.  They have one chance to win it all.  Tournaments, Minor Hockey Week, EMHA playoffs or just more games than they lose.  Everything is on the table.  You see, each season it is a new team: Coaches; team mates; Opponents.  Really, there is no next year.   Sure some kids play together for a few seasons but it is rare to have players together for more than 2 seasons.

Hockey at this level is about the kids, no matter how much.parents try to wreck it. Today both my Bantam age and Midget age boys began their time with two different clubs. More or less a change of scenery than anything but also to escape the politics of being in the same club for eight and nine seasons respectively. It is like a new lease. Same game, different players. Except where the Modget age player is concerned where a total of ten or eleven players all left the same club to join the same club. Wonder why?

Parents? Naaaaa.

There is hope that things will be different this season…starting with a new hope.

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