Back on the Road…Again

With a full steam ahead I have begun the road work to run a half marathon.  My goal is to complete the February 24th Hypothermic Half Marathon, right here in little ‘River City’.  It has only been one week.  Yes, the temperature is not what I would call ‘ideal’ for beginning to train for a 13+ mile run.  No, I have not lost my mind.

Dexter blocking the path in his playground…he hates to run with people.

So far the regimen is quite simple: Up at 5 am for a quick breaky and out the door at 5:45 for a half hour run every other day.  A rest day and cross train day are in between and a long run on weekends.  The seventh day is for an easy run.

So far so good.  Yesterday was the coldest I have run in since 1994 when I ran at -20 with a prairie wind whipping me on an out and back of an 8km run down a correction road near Barrhead, Alberta.  Training for the first of 6 Kananaskis 100 Relay races.

Running is good.  Bundling up is essential.  I am still getting used to how much to wear.  So far I have erred on the side of too much.  4 layers up top on Monday became 3 on Wednesday.  Lower body is good with two: Old fashioned “shredded wheat” long johns and newer nylon track pants.

Tonight is cross training with hockey for an hour and half followed by a day of rest and Saturday’s long run.  Long as in 5 to 10 minutes longer than the first two runs of 30 minutes.  We’ll see.


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