You Know It’s Cold When Your Teenagers Bundle Up

This daily adventure of going out into the cold really has become a broken record, hasn’t it?  I live north of Moscow (both Idaho and Russia) so I really shouldn’t be surprised.  At the same time, with few exceptions, we are off to a chilly end to the fall season (or civilization as we know it if you follow the Mayan Calendar) which ends tomorrow sometime.

We have endured -15C (5F) or colder, with or without the windchill, since mid November.  I am no meteorologist, so correct me if you want.  Tell it to my neighbour!  It sure feels colder than normal.  My wife doesn’t even want to drive to the “north side” in case it feels colder still.

We’re all whiny babies, it’s true.  This is winter “Princess”.  Maybe it’s just that I am getting older and my bones feel it more now than ever.  I say it’s more humid than normal which could be a factor, if true.  True or not, the most telling sign the weather is cold and the temperature has reached that “holy crap it’s cold” stage: The boys wore winter coats to school with mitts and hats included.  These are the same boys that wear lined hoodies because they look cooler than coats.  The “I’m fine” factor takes over and there is nothing you can do to change their minds.

Until a day like today.  (Click here to see the Weather Network and if I’m wrong! )

When it’s cold: wear the right clothes and in layers.  I would rather be carrying clothes I took off because I was too hot than wish I had more because I was too cold.  And it’s cold, baby, and getting colder.


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