How to Knock Yourself Down a Peg: Google Yourself

At first I thought it was a mistake.  Then I realized, “OK, it’s a big digital world out there, I’m not the only ‘Tim Dea’ in the world”.  Then again, “I’m pretty sure I’m in it…aren’t I?”.

Yes, just for laughs, I “Googled” myself in “Images”.  My photo never showed up anywhere.  I was hurt…no embarrassed.  Where the heck did my photo go?  I’m sure I would have one legitimate image, attributed and recognized by me, but apparently I don’t. Do I really exist?  At least in images that I have posted.

This could be the missing image...or is it the "Missing Link"?
This could be the missing image…or is it the “Missing Link”?

Yes, I put in country…province…city… and nothing.  I am officially just another random profile.  Anonymous, and not the famous “Anonymous”, either.  What about the other “Tim Dea” profiles?  Oh they’re out there… from all over the world, actually.  I really didn’t think there would be an entire page of images from various public profiles credited to, or with, a “Tim Dea” (that would be profiles that were public ‘on purpose’, for the record).  I thought a tiny square from my LinkedIn account or whatever I currently have on FB might show up.  Nope.  A few year’s ago there were some photos I found from a going away party in Salmon Arm, B.C., circa 1989.  The party was such a long time ago but the photos seemed to find their way to 2008 or 2009.  I’m not even sure who posted them.  Not sure I want to find them again anyway…no one would recognize me with RED HAIR! HAH!

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised as there is a number behind similar profiles on FB and it goes as high as ‘9’ (no, not to ’11’).

I’m not a ‘Pepper‘, I guess.  Back to ‘Safeway Select’ pop.

Yes it was a humbling experience and a good one.  I can honestly say, “I’m not all that and a bag of cheese”. I have proof that I’m nowhere to be seen.  Even better news: Neither is any of my family.  OK, it’s my teenaged boys I was really concerned with – they’re right into the thick of this digital world and seem to be managing it well – and faceless.  My wife visits her FB profile weekly… if she has the time…maybe…if she cares.

It is proof that I have yet to do something so spectacularly wonderful and paradigm shifting in this world NOR have I done anything so spectacularly bizarre or stupid that my image or related image has gone viral or shared around the planet.  I have NOT become a “meme” with funny out of context sayings plastered above and below.  I have NOT incurred the wrath of friends who mysteriously go silent on social media.

My wife has gone so far as to make note that I have yet to, in her 20 years of knowing me, “burn a bridge” as it were with regards to moving from one employer to another or just getting back in touch with people.  I would concur, generally speaking.  I will admit though there may have been smouldering deck boards in some instances, I’m sure of it.

Go ahead: I ‘Double-Dog Dare‘ you.  Google yourself in ‘Images’.  You may be surprized…and you may not be…hopefully the latter.

FYI: If you ARE surprised: Study your security settings!


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