The City of Potholes

The citizens of Edmonton, Canada are proud of many things in their city, however there is something they are not.

Photo Credit: Edmonton Journal
Photo Credit: Edmonton Journal


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Potholes appear in many cities across the world. However, I don’t think anyone wants  them or likes them.  No one is ever heard saying, “Oh I can’t wait to drive on that road with all the bumps that rattles my fillings”.  From Cambodia to Cameroon to Canada, they are the bane of every drivers existence.  You try to avoid them without delivering a hockey style body check to the vehicle in the next lane.  Some try to slow down and drive through them.  Problem with that: You never know how deep they really are!
This year the pothole problem in Edmonton is being hailed as one of the worst.  The culprit is our early and constant snow fall.  The ground has frozen hard with tonnes of covered snow.  As the water works its way into the pavement and expands, the asphalt breaks apart.  It is breaking apart faster than ever.

According to a source familiar with auto parts distribution, Edmonton dealerships and repair shops purchase more suspension parts than practically any other market in North America.  Compared to the population it is, in fact, out of whack…techinically speaking.

Photo Credit: Edmonton Sun
Photo Credit: Edmonton Sun

The local CBC outlet has even go so far as to create: The CBC pothole tracker!  Click on the text to visit it and see for yourself.  There are others,  I know of another in Toronto and Cranbrook.  I’m sure there’s a few more around this massive snow-covered country.

In this car centric city, it’s required reading to save your sanity and suspension.


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