The City of Potholes II

When last we spoke of Potholes, the City of Edmonton was just ramp-ing up a pothole brigade to fill them in.  Of course, that same brigade might well be the “Light Brigade” charging into the abyss.

At least this one is marked...
At least this one is marked…

Driving into work is always a matter of keeping an eye on the road.  That’s what all our parents and instructors told us to do. What they failed to mention was that we’re not looking out for the other guy we’re looking out for POTHOLES! Here is one from a road that is traveled every single day by hundreds, and some days thousands, of people. No wonder repair shops are staying in business. Some have multiple locations just so we can limp in without doing anymore damage than necessary.  This one is by no means the largest either.  The intersection of 99th and Argyll Road in Edmonton is a sad sight, indeed.  Last year they actually paved it and it was wonderful.  It is such a busy intersection and now it’s been reduced to something out of a war movie…after the bomb went off.

Same pothole demonstrating the depth (7cm).
Same pothole demonstrating the depth (7cm).

It’s embarrassing is what it is.  We live in a city of almost a million people, including metro, and we have a tough time keeping up with …well… stuff that happens every year.  Yes it’s a bad year but please let’s save our vehicles.  Bicycles?  I have an old mountain trail bike.  Not a mountain bike, there’s no shocks and the tires are not wide enough or have enough grip to be a “Mountain Bike” of today.  I would rattle that thing to pieces along with myself.  I would need to bring a set of tools…and some Aspirin.

We can’t live like this.  OK, so I park my car and bike.  I get on the bus.  Now it looks like everyone is taking transit.  Ridership is up again (83,000,000 riders in the last 12 months, says City Manager, Bob Boutilier), there’s no room.  OR we go through a pothole and there is a collective “OH Ohhhhhhhh” in hopes that bus keeps moving.

The best is Malcolm Mayes of the Edmonton Journal.  His editorial cartoon is bang on in today’s edition.  See it here.

Another fine example of how bad roads can get...
Another fine example of how bad roads can get…

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