Fits and Starts

Since the beginning of November 2012, I committed to running 3 times a week plus one session of TNH (Thursday Night Hockey in full gear).  It was going quite well.  I ran Monday, Wednesday and Saturday before work.  Up at 5am.  Check the weather.  Bundle up.  Hit the street.  I had averaged 5 miles a run at 9 and half minutes more or less.  Long runs were 6, 8, and 9 miles.  Average temperature: -15C in November and January; -8C in January.  All was well.  Then my nose started to run, too.  That was 3 long weeks ago.

flu-manIt is never a good thing to get sick.  I should have been immune to being sick at this point, or so I thought.  I was working out, eating right…even losing weight (10 lbs since November).  My wife looks back and says, “Not going to skip the flu shot next year are you?”.  No, I won’t.

So I begin again.  Saturday (the 17th) was balmy -5C with no wind and clear Alberta blue skies.  The terrain is something to behold.  The weather changes so fast that home owners really can’t keep up.  Yesterday it all melted.  Now it’s frozen and waiting to melt again.  Unfortunately that makes for “dicey” running conditions.

I felt good going around the neighbourhood once again.  Just over 3 miles this AM with a few walking breaks.  Lungs need to catch up…legs are good.  Next time, I need to remember the spikes (a northern runners BFF!).Winter-Running-Spikes_medium

It is now Wednesday and the temperature is down below -6C and the wind has finally calmed down to a breeze with mild gusts.  Clear Alberta blue skies abound and we’re up to 10.25h of sunlight a day and gaining 4-5 minutes each rotation of our big orb.  Have I gone running, though?  No.  I will endeavour to go tonight before my son arrives home from a week on an exchange in “La Belle Province”, Quebec.

EP-HalfMarathonMy new target is the Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon on April 28th.

Hope springs eternal.  Feet: Do your thing!


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