More Snow?

The other day, we got snow in Edmonton.  Now we have more.  20cm, at least, have fallen in the past 48 h…maybe more.  There is no “official” snow meter, so even the local meteorologists rely on input from listeners who have used a ruler in their back yard.

We’re more used to cold.  Edmonton is on the 54th parallel (60 is the Arctic Circle map fans!)  and the wind blows down from the Northwest bringing cold.  Not so much snow, some but not like the extreme cold.  In 2010 we held the one day title of “Coldest Place on Earth” at -54C with the windchill.  It made leaving the house a major risk and huge under taking.  So ya, we know cold.  We know snow but not this much snow…not this long.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day – After shovelling on March 17…more on the way.
Snow never stopped.  Shovelled earlier in the day - can't tell.
Snow never stopped. Shovelled earlier in the day – can’t tell.

We are done.  Enough is enough.  We got snow much earlier than normal so the 2012-13 snow year seems especially long.  Not only that, as good neighbours, we shovel up to 5 other houses plus our own.  Condos are looking good right now….real good.  These are seniors or shut ins that cannot get out and we just do it.  No thanks required, we’re trying to do the right thing.  Maybe it’s a test.  The all Omniscient being that runs this whole show is  seeing what the breaking point could be.  Is it more snow?  Is it snow combined with rain then freezing?  So

So the sun comes just means we can see how much snow there really is...grrr
So hte sun comes out…it just means we can see how much snow there really is…grrr

far, I think we’ve passed. There are piles of snow at least 175cm tall on some drive ways that we clear.  The four of us get out with our shovels and ‘get’er dun’.

Why not get a snowblower?  Great question.  Unfortunately it becomes an economical question.  We could get a decent snow blower for $1000 or get four new shovels each year for $80 to $125 total.  The snow blower may not last 10 seasons of this!  So we plod on.  Maybe this spring we’ll jump on the band wagon.

Our neighbours on both sides have one but hardly ever use it.  Is it because we get out there first?  One neighbour offered the use of his but I would feel very uncomfortable in case I broke it. I would find a way, plus would his expectations be that I’m doing 5 houses each time?  Probably not.

Enough of the snow.  Just let spring do it’s thing.  It is supposed to start in 4 days.  I think it will be late…really late.


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