Back in the Saddle (again!)

The idea of a blog, in my mind, is to write about stuff that interests me and possibly others out across the ‘interweb’.  It has been much too long since my last post.  It was a stab at creative writing that was not as good as I thought it was at the time.

 Îlet du Gosier, off Le Gosier, GuadaloupeSo I come back after a hiatus that included a trip to Guadeloupe (a department of France if you didn’t already know), a high school graduation, and two new (to us) vehicle purchases.

I will endeavour to continue to write, if nothing else, for the purpose of writing.  I will look for more blogs to follow and continue to follow those that I originally followed.  It’s interesting to read blogs that I can relate to, want to relate to, even those I could never relate to.  Who am I to judge, they’re still writing and I’m just getting back from holiday(!).

Thanks to Whirlwind Travel and Bucket List Publications which I still follow (wow, how to live vicariously through a blog!) for unwittingly inspiring me.

I welcome critiques, comments, corrections.

Here we go.  Let’s light’em up!


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