Blogging 201: Give’em What They Want!

If I had to give everyone what they wanted, aside from cash, it would be an experience.  Travel, people, I am talking about travelling.

Of course, I am talking about the most popular experience, travel wise, is France.  Paris, France.  Specifically, the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower on August 4, 2009

This spectacular edifice to engineering and art in the midst of the ‘City of Lights’ lives up to hype.  There aren’t many tourist sites that do that anymore.  An amazing 360 degree view of the ‘Isl-de-France’ and every major historical site around Paris.

You want to experience Paris, if you don’t already know it.  New York maybe the city that never sleeps, but Paris has moods.  The morning is slow and methodical.  The afternoon is bright and moving.  The evenings are alive and the lights come on at night…for obvious reasons.

Give’em what they want?

The Paris experience is what you want, baby!


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