Blogging 201:The Dog Ate My Homework…Again

The Blogging 201 assignment(s) from a few days ago asked to promote your blog on a social media platform of your choosing and then create a regular occurring event.

Well. About that….

So, like, I’ve been busy…I had to walk the dog…a friend came in town, car got a flat…I lost my car… my bike got stolen… my WiFi crapped out… I forgot to pay my cable bill… my computer ran out of steam… my phone cord broke… I cut my finger trying to dial on a dial phone….


classroomOf course, you know it is.

We are all responsible for our own actions and therefore if I really wanted to make time to complete the tasks issued daily, I would have found the time.

That’s the reason I joined this Blogging 201 (to force me to write regularly). Truthfully I think I’m close. I am checking this thing a LOT more than I ever did before.

However…or ‘but’, I need to gear down a little and fit it into my schedule.

I would like to announce the creation of the “Monday Niter”. Each Monday night, I will fill readers in on the latest happenings within my little world. It could involve travel, sports, work, family or whatever. The stories will be true but names will change to protect the innocent! And always with a little bit of humour thrown in for good measure.
(Assignment Complete).

I also have an existing Twitter Account that I will be linking to my blog to assist in promoting my little diatribe. (Assignment Complete).

As for Guest Blogging, I don’t get it. Is it about cross promotion? My general theme and topics are personal. Now if I wrote about a sport or business exclusively, then a guest blogger could lend credibility to what ever I wrote and vice versa. In that I case, I get it.
(Assignment Incomplete).

There. Now I’m caught up.

Until next time…wait there’s more tomorrow!?!?

Oh man.


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