Sorry…I’ve been off my feed

If you’re reading this thinking, “Where the hell have you been?”: good question.

I should have a reasonable answer for you in a week or so.


No.  I’m not kidding.

A Week.  Tops.



Night Time Photo Challenge

This was taken in August of 2008 (?) with a Kodak Z1200 in panorama (as if you didn’t know). The image was difficult to do since I had to brace the camera on top of the railing with the Cathedral behind me at the top of Montmartre.

Cool pic…wicked illustrator


Cats, Casablanca, and Ennui, but with Style.

Hands down my favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey and today I honor him on what would have been his 88th birthday.
But first, a toast (coffee in my case): To Edward, wherever you are. Hopefully, a gray, cat infested little hell of your own design.
From the first time I picked up one of your works – it was The Curious Sofa – I was beguiled. Never had erotica started at my brain before making its way down. You know what I mean? Mystery! to me, was what Star Trek is to Trekkies.
And how could you not love a man whose stepmother played the guitar and sang La Marsellaise at Rick’s Cafe Americain in Casablanca?
For all these things and more, Edward, I love you. Even if as a self-described asexual and misanthrope, you would never love me back. Unless I was a cat.

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Hello world!

This isn’t my first blog but it’s my first blog that I put the Thursday Night Hockey Wrap Up in print.  Usually written by Ovenmitts with several comments from others such as “Fitzy”, “Fraz”, “Klooch” and others.  No one gets out unscathed.

Stand by world…this could get ugly…and that’s just my hockey game.