Back in the Saddle (again!)

The idea of a blog, in my mind, is to write about stuff that interests me and possibly others out across the ‘interweb’.  It has been much too long since my last post.  It was a stab at creative writing that was not as good as I thought it was at the time.

 Îlet du Gosier, off Le Gosier, GuadaloupeSo I come back after a hiatus that included a trip to Guadeloupe (a department of France if you didn’t already know), a high school graduation, and two new (to us) vehicle purchases.

I will endeavour to continue to write, if nothing else, for the purpose of writing.  I will look for more blogs to follow and continue to follow those that I originally followed.  It’s interesting to read blogs that I can relate to, want to relate to, even those I could never relate to.  Who am I to judge, they’re still writing and I’m just getting back from holiday(!).

Thanks to Whirlwind Travel and Bucket List Publications which I still follow (wow, how to live vicariously through a blog!) for unwittingly inspiring me.

I welcome critiques, comments, corrections.

Here we go.  Let’s light’em up!


There is Light in the Dark

I’m talking literally not figuratively here.

Dexter blocking the path in his playground
Dexter blocking the path in his playground

While we do enjoy ridiculously long summer days, the winter nights are just as long.  We do not enjoy 24 hours of sun light like Yellowknife but summer does have its advantages of daylight until 11pm.  In winter it’s dark for as long as 17 hours.  BUT unlike those lands south of the snow belt, the dark is really not that dark.  Thanks to the snow, all light is magnified.  I went walking the other night in the Mill Creek Ravine and there was enough ambient light to see quite well.  Cloud cover made it even better.  When the moon is out and the stars twinkling, the light brings shadows and depth.  Cloud cover interestingly enough brings a flat light with little shadows.

The light in the dark is tremendous treat in the winter…or winter waste land as my wife would say.  She’s not big on the cold…so much so we don’t travel to the north side unless we have to.  Really.

We also have the knowledge that from this point until mid June, the days are just getting longer.  Deliciously longer.

Can’t wait.