Or should it be waiting?  Just like ‘antcipating’ except that the latter usually also has excitement built in.  Waiting is full of impatience, maybe ‘dread’ or ‘regret’.  Anticipation is like a fully wound spring waiting to let loose; or a dog when the key is in the door.  It is typically a positive word.  I guess there are exceptions such as “I am anticipating my court date in a week…”. 

Not that I would know of such things.


I am waiting for my son after high school football practice.  I anticipate he will be here soon.  See what I did there?  I am a ‘cheeky monkey’!


The Waiting

Sometimes you are so busy you just go from one place to another without even knowing.  Then there are times you have to wait for things.  I hate to wait…be patient.  I have trouble with that.  I want to do things (that I want to do) right away.  Otherwise I’m not patient, I am procrastinating.

I have discovered that I actually have a disability. It is called a speed processing issue. My compensation is to try and do everything right away before I forget what it was I was supposed to do. It’s not as crazy as you’d think. It just looks that way.

There are days it feels like that.

Learning disabilities can be assessed, diagnosed and addressed. Cured? Good question.

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